Health Care

  • Well-equipped field hospital with 15-20 beds.
  • Doctors, nurses, health assistants, first aiders and trained IST members will be available in the field hospital round the clock.
  • Primary health care center will be established in all the 4 villages. This center will have health assistants and first aiders.
  • Necessary OTC and other relevant drugs and accessories will be kept in the field hospital free for the patients.
  • ECG machine, blood group identifying device, diabetes test facility and oxygen facilities will be kept in the field hospital.
  • Covid-19 test facilities will be arranged in nearby hospitals.
  • Full time ambulance facility.
  • Emergency patients will be instantly shifted to the nearby Medical College Hospital or district level hospital.
  • Campaign on safety measures for Covid-19 and other communicable diseases will be widely done.
  • Insecticides and pesticide will be sprayed around the camp site.
  • All are JUST free for the participants if required any.
  • Each participant is requested to bring COVID 19 vaccination certificate.

Safety & Security

  • Security forces outside the camp.
  • Internal security in the camp premises.
  • Firefighting facility with full time fire ambulance.
  • Safe from harm monitoring team.
  • Every risk management facility will be provided.

Country Stand

  • Each NSO will be provided a space of 8 feet X 8 feet in the Country Stand area.
  • 2 tables, 2 chairs and electricity will also be provided.
  • NSOs will have the opportunity to do their contingent activities there.
  • Contingent Support Team will look after all other required facilities.

Utility Facility

  • Potable drinking water facility.
  • Hygienic wash rooms and shower spaces.
  • Separate wash rooms and shower spaces for girls and female leaders.
  • Electricity in the IST members’ tents and Scouts Leaders’ tents.
  • Adequate mobile charging points.

Participant Accommodation Facility

All the overseas participants will be provided tents with ground sheets and each tent is suitable for accommodating 9 Scouts. 4 Scout Leaders will be accommodated in a separate tent beside the every tent of 9 Scouts. IST members will also be provided tents. If any IST member wants to carry his own tend, he will be given space to set up his tent in the IST area.

During January it is winter season in Bangladesh. At night there will be cold and the average temperature will range between 14 degree Celsius to 22 degree Celsius. Therefore, each participant has been requested to carry winter cloths, jackets, and any other winter belonging to be deemed fit.

ICT Facility

  • Each and every participant will be provided a local SIM card with data facility.
  • Strong Wi-Fi network with huge bandwidth will be available in the Jamboree ground.

Retail Services

  • Jamboree shopping malls.
  • Daily commodities.
  • Money changers.
  • Postal/Parcel Service.


  • Each NSO will be provided a space of 8 X 8 feet.
  • 2 tables, 2 chairs and electricity will also be provided.
  • GDV Committee will look after all other related issues.

Food Management

The overseas IST members and Rover Volunteers will be provided cooked food in a well-equipped dining hall. The Scout Units will be provided food ration, all the necessary utensils, e.g. Gas Burner with Gas Cylinder, Cooking pot -1set (non-stick), Melamine Bowl, Water Jar with Tap - 2pcs, Bucket & Mug, Chopping Board, Knife set, Chiller Box, Gloves-set, Vegetable peelers, Spice + Oil Pot, Bin Bag(disposable), Zip lock Bag, Roti Maker, Utensil Box and so on. Each Unit will also be provided a cooking and dining shed with necessary furniture and electricity facility. In every respect hygiene will be prioritized.

Guest Services

  • All the guests will be specially taken care of by the Guest Services Team.
  • Meeting the guests and Scouts at the entry points.
  • Celebration of NSO Day.
  • Promoting any future events.

NSOs are requested to book their space and other logistic supports at the soonest possible time for the respective date and time during the Jamboree.

Home Hospitality

The host will provide Home Hospitality to 100 overseas Scouts and IST members. They will avail this facility either before the Jamboree on 16-18 January 2023 or 27-29 January 2023. This service will be provided on first-come first-serve basis. All the Scouts should be in the Jamboree ground on 19 January in the afternoon and the IST members on 18 January before lunch.

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