General Instructions

Online :Safe form Harm Certification

Safe from Harm is a set of actions designed to make sure that every person involved in Scouting is responsible and committed to protect children and young people inside or outside the Movement, so everyone can feel safe, at any time. Every selected IST and Unit Leaders has to pass the online Safe from Harm course. After successful completion of the course applicant will get a completion certificate. Each selected IST has to show it while reporting at the jamboree ground. If registration fees are paid the Safe form Harm completion certificate will ensure your registration completed. This is simple and easy for all.

Here is the link for the online course: Safe From Harm Examination

Campsite without Polythene

Everyone who are participating the jamboree must abstain from using any polythene item during the jamboree. All the unit units are requested not carry any plastic utensils at the jamboree. The jamboree authority will have a strict role to keep this Jamboree area polythene free.

Digital Promotion

Participants of the Jamboree are requested to publish and promote the 32nd APR and 11th National Scout Jamboree programs and activities attractively through social media and digital channels. Special recognition will be given for attractively promoting Jamboree programs and activities on social media or digital media.

Wall Calendar

Participants unit of the Jamboree are requested to prepare and bring one wall calendar in the Jamboree. The wall calendar should be based on any one of the topics. Topic:

  • Golden Jubilee of Independence of Bangladesh
  • Liberation War and Independence of Bangladesh
  • The Golden Jubilee of Bangladesh Scouts.

The best wall paper of the village and sub-camp will be selected after evaluation by a panel of judges and will be given special recognition. Units may exchange their Wall Calendar as token of friendship while participating the ELAN-09: Neighbor.

The wall paper should be made in either Bengali or English language. However, foreign contingents can make a wall paper based on their art and culture.

Meeting of Village Officials

Meeting between village and sub camp officials plays important role to run the jamboree program smoothly. All village chief must arrange a coordination meeting with sub camp officials at the village premises at 8:30pm everyday. During the meeting a representative of ELAN official will brief about the upcoming program, this will help to start and complete the next days’ program successfully.

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