Jamboree Programme

Bangladesh Scouts is hosting the 32nd Asia-Pacific & 11th National Scout Jamboree which is going to be held from 19-27 January 2023 at the National Scout Training Centre, Mouchak, Gazipur, Bangladesh which is known as the home ground of Bangladesh Scouts. As it was declared earlier the challenges are named as ELAN. Participants of the jamboree will have to take part in 11ELANS and some central events.

The scout units which are selected for the jamboree will be allocated in 12 Sub camps under 4 villages. The names of the villages and sub camps are:

These are the popular sea beaches of Bangladesh. Details of these will be described in the Jamboree Guide. Participants will have to join all the Elans village wise as described in the program matrix. The Deputy sub-camp chief (program) will be responsible to ensure the active participation of the scouts.

After participating in every Elans participants have to collect stickers from the respective ELAN Directors, Deputy Directors, and concerned Judges. The scouts who will achieve at least 08 stickers will be given an attractive Jamboree Award.

The names of the ELANS are:

  • ELAN-01: Dawn
  • ELAN-02: Camp Craft
  • ELAN-03: Obstacle
  • ELAN-04: Fun Factory
  • ELAN-05: Funtasy
  • ELAN-06: Hiking
  • ELAN-07: Better World Framework
  • ELAN-08: Fun & Games
  • ELAN-09: Neighbour
  • ELAN-10: i-3
  • ELAN-11: Campfire

ELAN-01: Dawn

Rhythmic Aerobic Exercises, YOGA, and Jogging will be held every morning during Jamboree. All scout groups have to attend this programme every morning and it will help them to be healthy and confident. A minimum of seven scouts from every unit must participate in this Elan. No scouts shall refrain from this challenge more than once. YOGA session will be arranged for participants on a specific day of the jamboree. ELAN director will brief about this to the sub camps.

Dress Code:

The scouts should wear comfortable and exercise-friendly clothing.

ELAN-02: Camp Craft

The main purpose of this venture is to make camp life enjoyable and comfortable as well as the beautification of the camp area .To make this ELAN purposeful, the participants are expected to make their makeshift residence trim and tidy with their own skill and plan. Keeping the surroundings of the camp clean by following the rules and disciplines of camp life is important. It is to mention that no electric connection and socket should be set up from the main electric line. To avoid fire, candles or mosquito coils should not be used.
Jamboree Central Judge Team will initiate random visits to inspect. 10 Scouts Units from each village will receive the Honour Flag every day. The local units must carry necessary elements of these events and overseas participants will be given the camp craft elements (Bamboo and Rope) centrally as per requirements. As the jamboree area is surrounded by forest, Participants should not attempt any which is harmful for the nature. According to the following criteria, the camp craft will be evaluated.

According to the following criteria, the camp craft will be evaluated.
  • Camp Cleanliness
  • Gadgets (bedding gadget/shoe gadget/hanger/utensils/woven/dustbin/plate, glass gadget)
  • Cooking Arrangements
  • Innovative camp crafts

Dress Code:

Scout Uniform during the inspection.

ELAN-03: Obstacle

The obstacle is one of the most adventurous program in this Jamboree. A minimum of seven members will have to attend these challenges from every unit. .

Dress Code:

clothing should be compatible for this adventure along with Sneakers/Shoes.

Probable events under this ELAN are:

  • Over Walls
  • Monkey Bars
  • Wire Crawl
  • Archery
  • Rock Climbing
  • Vertical cargo
  • Bucket Carry
  • Slip Walls
  • Crawl Tubes
  • Inverted Wall
  • Zip line- aligned with height
  • Rappelling
  • Valley passing
  • Tire passing
  • Spider Net (vertical angle)
  • Jumping Puzzle
  • Obstacle race
  • Crawling etc.

ELAN-04: Fun Factory

This ELAN is a combination of Fun and Learning. There will be two parts. One is only for Fun Activities and another is Learning by Doing. In the fun part, Participants will get the opportunity to involve themselves in different activities including Archery, Shooting, Puzzle Games, Making Hawai Mithai, Ground Zero, etc.
Through Learning by doing the scouts will have the opportunity to learn different things from daily life to increase their skills and knowledge. Different types of stalls will be decorated and opened to the scouts. They will be able to learn something from each stall and will try to do something by themselves such as:

Dress Code:

Scout Uniform.

ELAN-05: Towards the Beach

This jamboree is creating an opportunity to enjoy the arrangement of a renowned amusement park “Fantasy Kingdom” which is located at 21 km away from the jamboree ground. Participants will have to take part in this event village wise. Participants will get the opportunity to enjoy the 10 rides free except Water Park. If anyone desires to go Water Park he has to pay 50.00 BDT to operational counter. Each and Every member will have to participate this event. Lunch of that day will be provided the jamboree authority centrally. No food item is allowed inside the park but participants must take sufficient water for him/her.

Dress Code: Jamboree T-Shirt.

ELAN-06: Hiking

Most part of the Mouchak is covered by forest. This time the hike team created an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the local forest area during hiking. The event will start at the second half of the day as described in the Jamboree matrix. Every unit will have to carry cooked food with them for the first night. Yes!!! You read the right thing!!! This time all the participating scouts will have to participate in the night hiking. Breakfast and lunch will be provided centrally during camp in camp. Every participants of this event should have their mental preparation to walk at least 05 km. in the forest areas. The scouts will practice tracking signs and use of compass before participating in hiking. Scouts will reach the destination using a field book, tracking sign, information, puzzle and code cipher. Upon reaching the destination, the scouts have to take part in the Fun & Games and i3.

Dress Code:

Scout Uniform.

ELAN-07: Better World Framework

Bangladesh Scouts is operating all of the initiatives of the Better World Framework. 06 different stalls such as Messengers of Peace, Scouts of the World Award, Earth Tribe, HeforShe and Dialogue for Peace. By taking part in this Elan, participants will come to know about the activities of the initiatives throughout Bangladesh and the world. Stalls of each initiatives will be set up at the premises of GDV.

Dress Code:

Scout Uniform.

ELAN-08: Fun and Games

Fun and Games s is a friendly competitive activity. All of the members may participate in this event. Each game must be played as a team. Each unit will have the opportunity to play any of the 4 games selected through a lottery. football, cricket, Kabaddi, Frisbee, Volleyball, Badminton, Handball, Chess, Ludu, Discus throwing, Kiting, and so many national and international games will be arranged for the participants.

ELAN-09: Neighbour

During the Jamboree, a unit will receive hospitality from another unit, and at the same time Scouts will make friendships, and exchange handmade gifts. Concerned director and a representative will inform the office of the village and sub-camp officials about the team allocation. Through this event, the scout of one place can understand the history and culture of another place. Each Unit is requested to take traditional food items of their district with them to entertain the other unit who will come as a guest.

ELAN-10: i-3

i-3 is the short form of (iii) belongs to Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure focusing the Goal-9 of SDG. There are so many industries in Mouchak, Gazipur. To get the clear scenario of Garments Factory every unit will get opportunity to visit a certain garment factory. This event is related to the hiking. This will be a great opportunity for the participating scouts to know about the production system of a garments factory which is playing in our our national economy.

ELAN-11: Campfire

At the end of the day’s work, the campfire is an integral part with the aim of keeping the liveliness of Scouts by enjoying spontaneous pleasure. Campfire will be operated according to the conventional rules of Scouting. At first, all units will perform in their own sub-camps. Some selected units will join the village campfire. Nominated units from the village campfires will get the chance to join in the Grand Campfire. Local Participants will join the campfire unit-wise and overseas participants will join this event as a contingent.

Sub-camp based campfire

Sub-camp based campfire will be performed according to the fixed schedule of the jamboree. Unit-based participation will be evaluated to give stickers and performances will be finalized for the village campfire.

Contingent Wise Campfire

According to the matrix this events will be arranged on 23rd January 2023. Best contingent performances will be recommended for the grand campfire. Every contingent is cordially request to have a preparation to perform an attractive cultural item.

Village campfire

Selected contingent performances and the fixed number of performances from sub-camp competition of units will be held on the fixed day of the village-based campfire. Performances will be finalized for the exhibition in the grand campfire from here.

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