local Participants
Overseas Participants
local & overseas IST

Registration Process

Local Participant

Please contact with your Unit Leader for Registration.

International Participant

Please contact with your NSO/ Unit Leader

Registration Fee

Scouts/Leaders/ISTs US $ 250.00
Day Visitors US $ 10.00 per day
Guests US $ 30.00 (One day & one night)
US $ 75.00 (2 nights and 3 days)

Program Coverage

  • Dinner starts on 19 January and continue till 27 January 2023 breakfast for Scouts and Scout Leaders
  • name tag
  • event scarf
  • Jamboree programme guide
  • IST members’ meals will start from 18 January Lunch and end with 28 January breakfast
  • first aid facility
  • participation in program

Did you Completed Safe Form Harm Exam

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